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5 Famous Artists Quotes to Inspire Creative Consistency

5 Quotes To Inspire Consistency /

5 quotes to inspire consistency

Is a lack of consistency killing your mojo to keep your art a priority?  Let's learn some tips for being consistent from these famous artist quotes.

Consistency is an important part of life but it's not really a natural human trait right?  First of all, we all have real life scenarios.  Kids need to be fed.  The dog needs to be walked.  And because there is so much to keep us occupied on a daily basis our own creative endeavors sometimes take a back seat.

Here are some famous artist quotes to help inspire consistency in your work.

1. A series of small things makes a big difference in the end

So the first is from Vincent Van Gogh and it's interesting to remember that his life wasn't quite balanced.  But he had an unbelievable work ethic for creating his art.  Creating 81 of his painting in the last 90 days he was alive.  He was almost too consistent at times where his social skills and life started to suffer.  But for the artist who lacks consistency his words are powerful.

Famous artist quotes Van Gogh quotes to inspire consistency in your creativity /

2. Daily Experience

Ahhh daily experience, this quote by Cezanne seems to hit that on the head quite nicely.  The act of just doing something creative even if it's small can renew your mojo.  By creating a daily habit you will be more consistent.

Famous artist quotes Paul Cezanne quotes to inspire consistency in your creativity /

3. Just do it!

Leonardo's quote just hit me over the head with the word "urgency".   How many of us have been willing and keep looking at great ideas but just don't get around to the "doing" part of things.  So in the words of Da Vinci "we must do" and "we must apply".

Famous artist quotes Leonardo Da Vinci quotes to inspire consistency in your creativity /

4. Don't be such a perfectionist that you never finish and move on to the next.

Leonardo was so brilliant.  We must learn to abandon our work before we ruin it, overwork it or worse of all give up.  Sometimes I feel like a portrait paralyzes me.  When do I stop?  When do I finally call it complete and move on.  Because when is it really complete.  We must learn to abandon a piece and move on.  Let it live a little in it's imperfection and get on with the next piece.

Famous artist quotes these Leonardo Da Vinci quotes to inspire artists to be consistent "Art is never finished only abandoned." /

5. Desire and set a goal

Michelangelo's quote is so inspiring to me.  I believe this is a key ingredient to anyone's consistency.  We must desire to accomplish more than we actually can.  How many of you have a list that never ends?  I know I do.  Sometimes that can be quite defeating at the end of the day but this suggests that maybe that's a good trait.  We must desire and set goals that are a little out there.  Set your goals a little higher than realistic.

Famous artist quotes Michelangelo quotes to inspire /

Finally, I don't think consistency is easy or natural.  But by putting some of these word from amazing artists into practice it just might help us defeat that inner inconsistent side.

I hope these famous artist quotes help you with your consistency.  So what are some ways or strategies that you use to improve the consistency in your work?

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